Collaborate easily with your team

Work with your team directly on visualised data and make decisions together.

Invite your team

Invite your team to Birdi

Invite team members to join your workspace

Easily invite your team members via email to join your workspace.

Set roles and permissions

Manage your team members’ access levels via roles and permissions such as Admins, Organisation User and Guests. Guests have free, view-only access to missions, with no editing rights.

Easily manage seats

Easily add or remove paid seats within your account through a few simple clicks.

Share missions

Share missions with team members and guests

Sharing enables users to share mapping data within their organisation, or with external partners or stakeholders.

This includes sharing maps, reports, or other outputs, as well as providing access to raw data and other resources.


Collaborate in real time

Track the mouse movements of your teammates in real-time on Map View, for easy collaboration and annotation.

Users can invite team members to join the mission, granting them access to view, edit, and contribute to the mission's data and insights.

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Great platform. Easy to use and share ortho images quickly. Is great to be able to pay a small fee per project rather than having to commit to an expensive subscription like many alternatives.  

Brad Moriarty, Pademelon Creative
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The Birdi platform is fast and responsive. As a small business, budgets are tight, but the Birdi platform is an investment that helps us demonstrate our work and engage with our clients.  

George Guse, Atlas Renewables
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We engaged Birdi to undertake drone capture and volumetric reporting within the Birdi platform for my site. I found Birdi to be professional, fast and collaborative. The volumetric report was issued quickly and tailored to the specific stockpiles we required. By working with Birdi, I have access to cost-effective, on demand drone services and volumetric reporting.  

Geoff Stephens, Quarry Manager, Boral
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Birdi has been instrumental in helping my business grow. It's an easy to use platform that makes delivery of a job effortless.  

Rakend Sundaran, AV8R

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