Manage your workspace

Boost your professional look with a Birdi workspace that feels completely your own.
Manage your workspace with Birdi

Invite your team

Invite your team in Birdi

Invite team members to join your workspace

Easily invite your team members via email to join your workspace.

Set roles and permissions

Manage your team members’ access levels via roles and permissions such as Admins, Organisation User and Guests. Guests have free, view-only access to missions, with no editing rights.

Easily manage seats

Easily add or remove paid seats within your account through a few simple clicks.

Manage user roles in Birdi

Learn more about user seats, roles and permissions

Manage your account details

Manage your account details in Birdi

Keep track of your invoices

Easily add or remove paid seats within your account through a few simple clicks.

Create and customize workspaces

Custom workspace branding

Customize your Birdi workspace with your own branding

Add your logo and company name

Personalize your workspace to match your brand for a cohesive, professional look. Upload your logo and customize your Birdi workspace name to match your company.

Use your logo in emails to workspace members and guests

Enhance the branding of your workspace by using your logo in platform emails sent to your workspace members and guests.

Additional workspaces

Create additional workspaces in Birdi

Create multiple workspaces to mange your clients

Have multiple clients? Create a uniquely branded workspace for every client to organize, manage, and share missions in a way that matches their brand.