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Inspect community structures at scale without leaving your desk.
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Our key features

Book a mission icon

Easily plan a mission for your in-house pilot or ours to fly.

Visualisation icon

Preview drone images at their exact map location for precise visualisation.

Assign images icon

Allocate images to assets for easy grouping and identification.

High resolution viewer icon

Zoom in with high resolution for detailed asset management review.

Man flying a drone on site

You fly, we fly or both

Get ultimate flexibility on your drone capture. Got in-house pilots? Fly your own. Need capture? We can fly for you. Or even do a combo of the two.

Save time and money

Your on-site team (or our pilots!) can use drones to capture your assets and structures and then upload the data into Birdi for visualisation. Forget any unnecessary manual trips.

Operations manager with drone pilot and Birdi features to easily book a mission

Visualise damage to structures and assets

Easily visualise damage for faster and more accurate repairs and maintenance. Our visualisation features like on-map image preview means you can zoom in on damage areas easily.

Centralised aerial intelligence for your team

Your department or agency’s missions and data are centralised within your own Birdi workspace, to ensure your team can easily access the most up-to-date data in real-time.

Birdi provides centralised aerial intelligence
Scaling aerial intelligence usage

We scale with you, affordably

Whether you need to capture single or multiple sites; whether it’s occasional or frequent, Birdi’s scaling and pricing flexibility can work for you.

Need drone capture done for you?

Our 2,000+ drone pilot network can capture any site for you across Australia. Available with our Enterprise plan.

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