Birdi’s base maps: street and satellite layers

Written by
Kayley Greenland
March 11, 2024

Birdi enables you to visualize any geospatial data set, to then annotate, process into 2D and 3D maps and models, and generate insights and reports.

But what happens if you don’t have your own geospatial data to work from? Birdi provides two base map layers: street and satellite, that you can use for location-based insights and aerial visibility. Base maps are the canvas upon which your geospatial projects come to life. They provide the foundational layer, offering context and clarity to your data. 

If you do upload your own geospatial data, it will be visualized on both the Street and Satellite base layers precisely where it was captured to give you greater visibility and context.

Street map layer for insights

With Street Maps, you get the visibility you’d expect from a street map view (detailed road networks, names, landmarks, and points of interest), but with the added bonus of visualizing your own data precisely where it was captured. This gives you greater visibility and context, enabling more accurate location-based insights.

Satellite map layer for insights

Satellite imagery is perfect for large-scale observations, or when you need aerial insights without the level of fine detail that something like a drone can provide.

Birdi’s satellite layer provides 15cm/px resolution which strikes an ideal balance between coverage and detail. This level of resolution is well-suited for tasks that demand a more refined view of the landscape without sacrificing coverage.

Birdi’s satellite view at 15cm/px resolutions vs other providers at 60cm/px resolution:

Birdi’s satellite view at 15cm/px resolution
Other providers' satellite view at 60cm/px resolution

With our satellite base map layer, you not only get the benefit of visualizing any uploaded geospatial data exactly where it was captured - where you can visualize it against the satellite imagery for greater context - but you also get to use annotation tools to measure distances, area and markup points of interest.

How to access street maps and satellite imagery in Birdi

Getting started is easy! Simply navigate to a map, select Settings and choose your base layer. You can toggle between street and satellite layers at any time, to provide you with the context you need for your projects.

Reach out to us on chat if you get stuck or have any questions or issues.

Kayley Greenland
Kayley is Birdi's product manager and is across all the nuts and bolts of our feature releases, product roadmap and platform vision.