Meaningful map tools

Bring your data to life, exactly where it was captured.
Meaningful map tools with Birdi

Easy to use tools to get the most out of your data

Visualize your geospatial data in its true context with Birdi

Visualize your data in its true context

Explore the power of our map tools to transform your data into dynamic visualizations, effortlessly managing, annotating, and comparing spatial data to uncover valuable insights.

Whether collaborating with your team or sharing your findings, our map tools provide a seamless experience, bringing your data to life exactly where it was captured.

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Manage and interact with your media

Filter on / off satellite and street map views

Switch between satellite or street map views for different perspectives on the mapped area.

Visualize & locate GeoTIFF images on each map

Upload your own Geotiffs or request processing into 2D and 3D maps and models, then visualize them in Map View.

Turn on/off photogrammetry GeoTIFF layers

In Map View, toggle on/off different GeoTIFF layers based on the insights you need.

Visualize each image at its precise location

Using geo-referenced data from within each image,  visualize the precise capture location of each image in Map View. View image meta data for additional capture details.

Manage and interact with your media using Birdi

Annotate and measure areas of interest

Use markers to annotate in Birdi
Real-time customization
Easily modify marker names, colors, and other attributes in real-time, ensuring your map annotations stay up-to-date.
Seamless sharing and collaboration
With the ability to export annotations, including marker names, colors, and associated data, users can efficiently share customized map views.
Use lines to annotate in Birdi
Calculate the length of areas with ease
Measure lengths with our sophisticated line tool. Whether you're assessing boundaries, planning layouts, or surveying spaces, our platform simplifies the calculation process, allowing you to effortlessly determine the precise length of any area.
Use polygons to annotate in Birdi
Calculate the square meters of areas with ease
Whether you’re dealing with land parcels, construction sites, or any other spatial areas, our polygon tool enables you to determine any area size in square meters.
Draw volumetric stockpiles in Birdi
Streamlined stockpile volume calculation
Efficiently manage and assess stockpiles with our advanced stockpile volume calculation tool and volumetric services. Whether you're in the mining, construction, or logistics industry, this tool simplifies the complex task of determining stockpile volumes.
Measure 3D model heights in Birdi
Precise height measurement in 3D
Precisely calculate and analyze heights within the 3D landscape. Ideal for applications in urban planning, architecture, or environmental monitoring, our tool provides a seamless and intuitive interface for height assessments.
3D model level measurement in Birdi
3D level measurement
Our level tool empowers users to accurately calculate and analyze levels within the dynamic three-dimensional landscape. Perfect for applications in construction, land development, or terrain analysis, our tool offers a seamless and intuitive interface for precise level assessments.
Profile measurement for 3D map elevation in Birdi
Profile measurement for 3D map elevation insights
Dive into detailed land elevation analysis with our advanced Profile Measurement Tool. This tool offers users the ability to precisely calculate and visualize the elevation profile across diverse terrains within the dynamic three-dimensional landscape.
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Learn how to export your annotations into a report

Create sites to compare maps over time

Create sites to compare maps over time with Birdi

Simple site creation

Create sites with a few clicks to organize your maps.

Intuitive map association

Assign maps instantly, and compare changes over time.

Organize and compare your layers

Visualize & locate GeoTIFF images on each map

Upload your own GeoTIFFs or request processing into 2D and 3D maps amd models, and then visualize them as layers in Birdi’s Map View.

Organize your maps into folders

With layers, organize and manage your GeoTIFF outputs. Toggle on/off different layers, reorder, and work with different data layers simultaneously.

Organize and compare your map layers with Birdi

Download, share and export

Easily filter & download

Easily filter and download your data in Birdi

Streamlined data management

Effortlessly handle your data with our comprehensive tool designed for uploading, downloading, and previewing captured photos, videos, and files.

Create reports

Create geospatial reports with Birdi

Create reports

Export key insights into a range of reports available through the Birdi platform.

Share a map link

Easily share map links with Birdi

Share maps with team members and guests

Click to share mapping data and reports within your organization, or with external partners or stakeholders.

Crop, transform and export

Crop, transform and export outputs with Birdi

Crop your processed orthophotos

Crop specific areas of your processed map for smooth boundary lines.

Transform and export your outputs

Transform your orthophotos into your desired output formats (i.e. set the resolution, format and coordinate system), then export to your computer.

Collaborate with your team

Collaborate with your team in Birdi

Collaborate in real time

Track the mouse movements of your teammates in real-time for easy map collaboration and annotation.

Users can invite team members to join, granting them access to view, edit, and contribute to each map's data and insights.