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Birdi's platform dashboard features

Drone data capture made easy

Fly your own drones & upload

If you have your own in-house pilot to fly, capture your own data and upload it easily into the Birdi platform.

Simple capture request form

Our capture request form makes creating missions easy. Your in-house pilot or Birdi’s own pilot network will receive the request and prepare to fly based on the mission objectives.

Birdi's pilot network

Our 2,000+ drone pilot network can complete missions for you across Australia. Available on our Enterprise plan.

Operations manager with drone pilot and Birdi features enabling easy drone data capture

Meaningful visualisations

Birdi platform's visualisations on a map

View drone images directly on the map

Get a real view of where images were captured, with each image marked on the map for accurate visualisation

Tools to draw and annotate

With our drawing tools, you can mark points of interest, identify areas, calculate surfaces, measure distances and more. Annotations can be imported and exported as Geo JSONs, shapefiles or CSVs, so you can take your insights with you.

Turn on/off photogrammetry geotiff layers

In the map view, toggle on/off different geotiff layers based on the insights you need

Data processing on demand

Transform your data into a broad range of outputs

Such as:

  • Orthophotos (.TIFF)
  • Digital Elevation Models (DSM, DTM)
  • Point Clouds (.LAS)
  • Contours (.5m, 1m, 2m); and more

Processing costs that scale with your usage needs

Our simple processing pricing means you only pay for what you need, when you need it.

Access your data anywhere, anytime

Birdi enables centralised aerial intelligence for teams

Easily accessible by your team

All your missions and data are centralised within the Birdi platform, making it easy for your team to access the most up-to-date data.

Secure hosting

Birdi uses Amazon Web Services for secure, cloud-based hosting.

Collaborate easily with your team

User roles based on permissions

Set up your team in Birdi with permission-based roles, including Admins, Pilots and View-Only access.

Multiple users on the map together

View your team-mate’s cursor position in the map view for easy team collaboration in real-time.

Share missions with your team

With a few clicks, missions can be shared publicly and privately with your team.

Need drone capture done for you?

Our 2,000+ drone pilot network can capture any site for you across Australia. Available with our Enterprise plan.

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