Seamless data processing in 2D and 3D

Get the outputs you need for visualization, insights and reporting.
Processing 2D and 3D maps and models with Birdi

Flexible data processing

Flexible data processing with Birdi

Process a range of outputs in 2D and 3D

Select the outputs you need to give you the best insights for your sites and assets.

In-platform dashboard for tracking

Monitor and track all your processing jobs in the one place via a centralized processing dashboard.

Process your data into a range of outputs

Orthophotos 2D models in Birdi
Process your images into 2D maps with ease
Seamlessly process your data to generate highly accurate, geo-referenced 2D maps, known as orthophotos. This output provides a bird's-eye view of your geographical data, providing you complete aerial visibility of your sites and assets.
3D models in Birdi
Process your images into Pointclouds and mesh files
Process your data into immersive and highly detailed 3D models, comprising both pointclouds and textured meshes. This output opens up new dimensions for visualization and analysis, providing a comprehensive understanding of your spatial data.
Elevation models processed and visualized in Birdi
Explore the dynamic terrain of your geographical data
Generate detailed Digital Terrain Models (DTM) and Digital Surface Models (DSM), to gain a comprehensive perspective on elevation variations. Whether you're engaged in land development, environmental studies, or infrastructure planning, our platform effortlessly transforms raw data into precise elevation models.
Difference grids in Birdi
Track centimetre changes by creating difference grids
By overlaying multiple elevation models, our advanced algorithms create detailed difference grids, highlighting changes in terrain, structures, or landscapes. Monitor and track changes over time, assess environmental impact, inspect infrastructure, manage land resources, and respond to disasters swiftly.
Contours processed and visualized in Birdi
Visualize and assess topography
Gain a detailed understanding of your terrain through contours. Contour visualization involves representing the elevation of a geographic area through graphical lines or contours on a map. Each contour line depicts the rise and fall of the land, offering a clear understanding of slopes, peaks, valleys, and other topographical features.
Bathymetric outputs processed and visualized in Birdi
Visualize bathymetic files in Map View
Add greater context to your maps by incorporating bathymetric files. We support many file formats GeoTiff, BAG, Shapefile and LAS.
Bathymetric Contours
Bathymetric maps typically represent depth contours, similar to topographic maps on land. These contours help visualize the underwater terrain and understand the variations in depth.
Custom processing outputs in Birdi
Tailored solutions for your unique needs
Need something else? Reach out! We can help with custom requirements.
3D model capture in Birdi

Learn more about 3D model data capture

Gain greater accuracy through advanced processing

Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) processing

RTK processing in Birdi

Get greater accuracy with RTK processing

RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) processing is a technology that uses a base station and rover to provide high-precision positioning information for drone data capture. With RTK processing, process RTK data collected by the drone to improve the accuracy of your mapping outputs.

GCP processing & quality assurance

GCP processing in Birdi

Enhance your mapping accuracy

Improve the accuracy of your mapping outputs by using GCP (Ground Control Point) processing, a technique that uses known reference points on the ground during data capture.