Meaningful visualisations

Bring your data to life by visualising it exactly where it was captured.

Upload and organise your captured media

Upload, download & preview captured photos, videos and files

Upload different media types into your Birdi mission, such as ground-based photography from a DSLR or smartphone, video files and panoramic 360s. Keep them in one location for assessing, sharing and more.

Visualise drones' map location, orientation and pitch

Using georeferenced data from within each image,  visualise the precise capture location of each image in Map View. View image meta data for additional details about the capture (e.g. orientation and pitch).

Manage and interact with your media

Filter on / off satellite and street map views

Switch between satellite or street map views for different perspectives on the mapped area.

Visualise & locate GeoTIFF images on each map

Upload your own Geotiffs or request PAYG processing through the Birdi platform, and then visualise them as layers in Map View.

Turn on/off photogrammetry GeoTIFF layers

In Map View, toggle on/off different GeoTIFF layers based on the insights you need.

Annotate and measure areas of interest

Tools to draw and annotate

With our drawing tools you can mark points of interest, identify areas, calculate surfaces, measure distances and more.

Annotations can be imported and exported as GeoJSONs, shapefiles or CSVs, so you can take your insights with you.

Gain greater context through 3D visualisation

View your outputs in 3D

Visualise and interact with your pointcloud in a 3D viewing environment. Explore your data from different angles and perspectives, and gain deeper insights and understanding of your spatial information.

Use measurement tools for greater insights

Use measurement tools to enhance your 3D analyses. These tools include distance, angles, area, and measurement functions for levels and height profiles, and allow you to accurately assess elevation changes and understand the topography of the area you're examining.

Organise and compare your maps

Visualise & locate GeoTIFF images on each map

Upload your own GeoTIFFs or request PAYG processing through the Birdi platform, and then visualise them as layers in Birdi’s Map View.

Organise your maps into folders

With layers, organise and manage your different GeoTIFF outputs such as orthophotos or terrain models. Toggle on/off different layers, reorder, and work with different data layers simultaneously.

Crop, transform and export your outputs

Crop your processed orthophotos

Crop specific areas of your processed map for smooth boundary lines. and transform them into your desired output formats, such as setting the resolution, format (jpeg, tiff) and coordinate system.

Transform and export your outputs

Transform your orthophotos into your desired output formats (i.e. set the resolution, format [jpeg, tiff] and coordinate system), then export to your computer.

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Great platform. Easy to use and share ortho images quickly. Is great to be able to pay a small fee per project rather than having to commit to an expensive subscription like many alternatives.

Brad Moriarty, Pademelon Creative
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The Birdi platform is fast and responsive. As a small business, budgets are tight, but the Birdi platform is an investment that helps us demonstrate our work and engage with our clients.

George Guse, Atlas Renewables
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We engaged Birdi to undertake drone capture and volumetric reporting within the Birdi platform for my site. I found Birdi to be professional, fast and collaborative. The volumetric report was issued quickly and tailored to the specific stockpiles we required. By working with Birdi, I have access to cost-effective, on demand drone services and volumetric reporting.

Geoff Stephens, Quarry Manager, Boral
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Birdi has been instrumental in helping my business grow. It's an easy to use platform that makes delivery of a job effortless.

Rakend Sundaran, AV8R
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