Drone data capture, made easy

Capture your way, then bring your data to Birdi for visualisation.

Flight planning and automation

Birdi flight planning and automation drone agnostic

Use any flight planning software

Birdi is flight planning software agnostic, but we recommend Dronelink if you don’t have one already. Create an account with them to effortlessly plan, execute, and automate your drone flight missions, before uploading your media into Birdi for visualisation.

With our drone pilot network

Our 2,000+ drone pilot network can capture for you across Australia. You’ll also get access to our in-house specialists to advise on flight planning, capture methodologies and best practices to match your project. *Enterprise only

Capture made easy

Capture using any drone

We’re drone agnostic, which means we can visualise data captured by any drone.

Manual flights

Don’t have flight planning? Fly your drone manually and then upload your data for processing and visualisation.

Upload your own drone captured media

i.e. Fly your own drones

Upload your own drone captured media to Birdi

Visualise georeferenced data

Upload ground-based photography, videos, 360 degree panoramics and more and visualise them in Map View at their precise locations.

Upload existing geoTIFF data sets

Already have processed outputs? Upload your existing GeoTIFFs to Map View to add additional layers to your data for visualisation.

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Request drone capture from our network of qualified pilots

(Enterprise plan and Australia only)

Our pilot network can fly for you

Don’t have in-house drone pilots? We can take care of the end-to-end capture process for you with our 2,000+ qualified pilots across Australia. Includes expert consulting, planning, capture and upload.

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Great platform. Easy to use and share ortho images quickly. Is great to be able to pay a small fee per project rather than having to commit to an expensive subscription like many alternatives.

Brad Moriarty, Pademelon Creative
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The Birdi platform is fast and responsive. As a small business, budgets are tight, but the Birdi platform is an investment that helps us demonstrate our work and engage with our clients.

George Guse, Atlas Renewables
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We engaged Birdi to undertake drone capture and volumetric reporting within the Birdi platform for my site. I found Birdi to be professional, fast and collaborative. The volumetric report was issued quickly and tailored to the specific stockpiles we required. By working with Birdi, I have access to cost-effective, on demand drone services and volumetric reporting.

Geoff Stephens, Quarry Manager, Boral
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Birdi has been instrumental in helping my business grow. It's an easy to use platform that makes delivery of a job effortless.

Rakend Sundaran, AV8R
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