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Our key features

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Easily filter your missions list by status, date or team member.

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PAYG processing in formats such as orthophotos, hillshades and more.

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Preview drone captures at their exact map location for precise visualisation.

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Identify risk areas, measure areas and distances, mark up assets and more.

Scaling Birdi usage

Save $ with scalable, PAYG processing

Do your processing needs vary month-to-month and client to client? Our affordable subscriptions plus on-demand, PAYG processing means you only pay for what you need, when you need it.

Receive drone jobs through us

Some of our customers need sites and assets captured for them all around Australia. Be part of our 2,000+ pilot network and get sent drone capture jobs in your area.

Get drone pilot capture jobs through Birdi's pilot network

Data in the outputs your clients need

Orthophotos, digital elevation models, point clouds and more can be processed within the Birdi platform, enabling your captured sites to be visualised in the outputs your clients need.

Manage your credentials and equipment

Keep track of all of your credentials and equipment by storing them in the Birdi platform. You can upload documentation that’s relevant to your whole organisation or each individual pilot.

Visualise your drone data

Our suite of tools enables drone data to be visualised on each mission map. Camera position, on-map image preview and geotif layers enable easy visualisation of sites and assets for your clients.

Collaborate and share with your team and clients

Collaborate with your team and clients on the map in real-time with our multi-user functionality. Share missions easily via public link or privately via email, to ensure your clients are across their aerial insights.

Want to build your drone business?

Join our Australia-wide drone pilot network and receive jobs in your area through us. Available on all of our plans.

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