Video: Locate your historical geospatial data in seconds

Written by
Brooke Hahn
May 24, 2024

How does Birdi help?

When your whole team is working with geospatial data, it's easy for the data to become fragmented across multiple systems (like email, USB and online folders). What's more, original data that informs your reporting and decision-making can get lost in the process, opening you up to compliance risk should you need that data in the future. Locating historical geospatial information can be both time-consuming and costly.

How does Birdi solve it?

With Birdi, you can locate and manage all your maps, reports, and assessments in a single, unified workspace. Our software is designed to streamline your workflow, saving you time and reducing regulatory risk. Here’s how Birdi can revolutionize the way you handle geospatial data.

Effortlessly locate historical geospatial data with Birdi

Unified workspace for all your geospatial data

Birdi provides a comprehensive platform where all your geospatial data is stored in one place. Gone are the days of sifting through disparate systems or endless folders to find the data you need. With Birdi, every map, report, and assessment is just a few clicks away. This centralized approach not only improves efficiency but also ensures that your team can collaborate seamlessly.

Powerful search and filtering capabilities

Finding the right map or data set is simple with Birdi’s search and filtering tools. You can search maps by name, making it easy to quickly locate specific data. Additionally, our advanced filtering options allow you to narrow down results by objective name or media. Whether you need aerial imagery, ground-based photos, or specific analytical reports, Birdi makes it easy to find exactly what you're looking for.

Team collaboration and data management

Birdi is built with collaboration in mind. Your entire team can upload data into the Birdi workspace, ensuring that everyone has access to the latest information. This collective approach means that historical records can be quickly and easily retrieved by any team member, fostering a more productive and efficient work environment. By centralizing your data management, Birdi helps you maintain consistency and accuracy across all your projects.

Collaborate with your team and stakeholders using Birdi

Save time and reduce regulatory risk

One of the biggest advantages of using Birdi is the significant time savings it offers. With all your geospatial data readily accessible, you can locate historical records in seconds. This efficiency not only boosts productivity but also helps you stay compliant with regulatory requirements. By reducing the time spent searching for data, and always having historical information at hand, you can focus more on analysis and decision-making, ultimately enhancing the quality of your work.


Birdi is more than just a data management tool; it’s a comprehensive solution designed to simplify the way you handle geospatial data. With our unified workspace, powerful search and filtering capabilities, and team collaboration features, you’ll save time and reduce regulatory risk by locating all of your data quickly and easily. Experience the future of geospatial data management with Birdi and transform the way you work.

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Video transcript

Hi I’m Brooke and in this video, I’m going to show you how you can quickly locate historical geospatial data with Birdi. All your company’s maps, reports and assessments live in a single workspace, so you can always find the data that you need. Search maps by name, then filter the map data by objective type or media. Your whole team can upload data into your Birdi workspace, and quickly find historical records in seconds. You’ll save a whole heap of time locating data, and reduce your regulatory risk, with Birdi.

Brooke Hahn
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