Video: Combine aerial and ground-based images/videos on the same map

Written by
Brooke Hahn
April 18, 2024

How does Birdi help?

Geospatial data can be captured by a wide range of devices, from drones, satellites, 360 cameras, pole cameras, manned aircraft  and more. All have their unique strengths, so organizations like to be able to access different capture types to maximize efficiency. But how on earth do you amalgamate the capture from these different devices onto a single map?

How does Birdi solve it?

Streamline your operations by enabling geospatial capture and visualization from all device types on the same map. Keep all your geospatial data, reports, annotations, 2D and 3D site maps, and site photos over time within the one Birdi workspace. 

Unleash the benefits of streamlining multiple capture methods

Enable efficiency in data collection

Drones can collect vast amounts of data about physical assets and locations quickly and efficiently. On the other hand, ground-based data can collect up-close details of assets or environments. Sometimes you need a mix of both. With Birdi, you can. Optimize the mix of capture you use to maximize efficiency.

Visualize all types of geospatial data in Birdi

Access data from anywhere, on any device

Upload your records from anywhere - access them from anywhere. All you need is a device connected to the internet and you can review maps and all the individual images and videos within them.

Upload geospatial data from anywhere into Birdi

Collaborate with confidence

Not everyone can be onsite, all the time.  Not everyone is familiar with a site. Utilize the power of Birdi maps to collaborate with colleagues, contractors and clients using visual representations enhanced with annotations and shareable links.

Collaborate with your team in Birdi

Confidence you can find historical data

No more frustrating hours pouring through emails, drives or devices trying to find geospatial data. Finding historical data can be crucial if legal or compliance issues arise in the future. Birdi gives you the confidence that all information is available at your fingertips.

Find historical data quickly with Birdi
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