Product Updates: New look dashboard, missions -> maps and more

Written by
Kayley Greenland
March 19, 2024

You might have noticed that the dashboard in your Birdi workspace has had a bit of a spruce up! (And so has our website, 🥳 check it out here!).


We have:

1. Simplified the dashboard design

Nobody likes unnecessarily cluttered spaces, and the same goes for software. With this in mind, we pared back the dashboard design so you can more easily find what you need.


2. ‘Missions’ are now called ‘Maps’

Why maps?

Missions were something from our earlier days of being purely a drone platform. But now that we’re geospatial software for visualizing any geospatial data, the term no longer quite fits. Plus, we wanted our language to match what people were doing in our platform. I.e. making and viewing maps.

3. Changed the top navigation bar color 

We want your logo to stand out better! The top navigation bar is now a lovely sand color, so your logo can be front and center.

4. Reorganized your account and organization settings

We’ve moved your account and organization settings. You can now find them in the top navigation bar instead of down the left hand-side.

What you can find under each:

  • My profile: Your account and personal details.
  • Organization settings: User management, billing & subscription settings and inspection tools

These are all user experience/design updates to help improve your navigation experience within Birdi. All your data, maps and reports are exactly where you left them. We hope you like these updates, and look forward to more coming soon! 

Kayley Greenland
Kayley is Birdi's product manager and is across all the nuts and bolts of our feature releases, product roadmap and platform vision.