Product Updates: Edition #5

Written by
Kayley Greenland
April 5, 2023

This product updates edition, we have 4 fabulous new features all rolled out!

1. Custom brand your workspace

We’re super excited about this one! We know how important it can be to have your brand reflected in your Birdi workspace instead of ours - whether that’s for an improved team experience, or to add even more professionalism and brand identity when you share missions with your clients.

Now you can brand your Birdi workspace with your company’s name and logo (so it looks like yours, not ours), and you also get to use your logo on emails instead of ours for when you’re sharing missions with your team or clients. Pretty neat!

Learn more about this feature

2. Multiple workspaces

This feature particularly helps drone services companies manage their business. Users on our Team plan or higher can now create multiple workspaces (with custom branding - see feature 1) for an elevated mission-sharing experience with clients. 

You might want to create a workspace for your client and brand it with their logo so missions feel like theirs. Or you might prefer to create workspaces for different clients with your own branding to make managing multiple client missions much easier. Either way, the multiple workspaces feature will give you lots more flexibility in how you manage your drone services business.

Learn more about multiple workspaces

3. Clip and export orthophotos

Our PAYG processing feature enables you to request processing as and when you need it, with your completed orthophoto (map) being automatically visualised on the Flight Map. Maybe your ortho literally looks a little “rough around the edges” and you want to smarten it up a bit before sending it to your clients or team members. Or maybe only part of the orthophoto is relevant to a particular team member or client, and you only want to send them a portion of it.

With our new clip orthophoto feature, you can! You can now draw a boundary or choose an existing annotation to clip your orthophoto to.

What’s more, you can now easily transform and export your orthophoto. You can update the resolution, projection and format (convert from TIFF to JPEG), and then export your orthophoto with the click of a button.

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4. Folders for orthophoto layers

Typically, if you had a bunch of different orthophoto outputs, you’d find them under the Orthophotos tab, and you could move the layers up and down. This is of course great, but what’s even better is having an added element of categorisation and organisation in your orthophoto layers through folders!

You can now group orthos under folders and name the folder accordingly. This feature is particularly useful for comparing different time periods of the same mission (e.g. if you wanted to compare site progress, for example).

Learn more about this feature here

Kayley Greenland
Kayley is Birdi's product manager and is across all the nuts and bolts of our feature releases, product roadmap and platform vision.

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