Product Updates: Edition #3: Mission Layout, Zip Media Download

Written by
Kayley Greenland
October 23, 2022

We’ve got 2 great new updates to share with you this edition!

1. A shiny new mission layout

We’ve overhauled the mission overview, media and map view pages to bring you a great new layout with improved user experience!

What changed?

Before, you’d click on a mission and get taken to the mission overview page that included all the drone captured media. It was one mighty long scroll and took a while to load given all the high res images (and it has always irritated us!). There was also a tiny link at the top to view the flight map, which was ok if you’d used us for a while, but a tiny bit confusing and hard to find if you were new to Birdi.

With this new layout change, you’ll find everything you need easily via the 3 tabs at the top: Overview, Media, Map.

And what’s more, everything now loads significantly faster, so you don’t need to sit there twiddling your thumbs waiting. Hooray!

2. Zip media download via email for poor internet connections

Now when and if you’d like to download your mission media, you can do so regardless of the strength of your internet connection. 

Our new zip download feature means you can request to download your mission media (either all images or a subset of your choosing) via a zipped (i.e. compressed) folder, which you’ll receive via email to download. So even if you lose your internet connection in the process, you’ll still receive all images to download from your email.

Tip: The amount of files you request will determine how long it takes for the zip to complete and the email to come through.

That’s it for this edition. Hope you enjoy these new updates and improvements!

Kayley Greenland
Kayley is Birdi's product manager and is across all the nuts and bolts of our feature releases, product roadmap and platform vision.