Introducing Birdi’s new Plus plan for individuals! And Team becomes Growth

Written by
Brooke Hahn
August 23, 2023

Birdi launched our Free and Team plans with PAYG processing earlier this year, to go with our existing Enterprise plans. Since then, we’ve helped loads of users to cost-effectively visualise and process their drone-captured data into meaningful outputs and map visualisations.

But we noticed that, for our individual/sole trader users who needed paid features to run their business, we didn’t have a plan quite to match. Until now! 

Introducing… Birdi’s new ‘Plus plan!’

Plus gives our individual users all the paid features they need to run their business, without the extra seats they don’t need. And, you still get the cost-effectiveness of subscription costs being decoupled from processing so you only pay for processing when you need it.

What’s more, we’ve renamed our Team plan to Growth, which better reflects what it aims to provide users: growth of your business and aerial intelligence usage across your organisation.

To summarise, Birdi now offers the following 4 plans:

  • Free: $0 plus PAYG processing ($9.60 USD / Gigapixel) - 1 user
  • Plus: $60 USD/month plus PAYG processing (10% off - $8.60 USD / Gigapixel) - 1 user
  • Growth (formerly Team): $120 USD/month plus PAYG processing (20% off - $7.20 USD / Gigapixel) - 3+ users
  • Ultimate: Tailored pricing and requirements

You can check out the full list of inclusions and differences of each plan on our pricing page, but let’s drill into each one a little further here…

What do you get in Free?

On our Free plan, you still get to enjoy all the same free features as before, like:

  • PAYG processing ($9.60 USD / Gigapixel)
  • 50 gb free storage included
  • Along with all our existing features like image and ortho visualization in Map View, annotation tools, importing and exporting of shapefiles and more.

What do you get in Plus?

On our new Plus plan ($60 USD/month), you get access to all the features you need to run your business professionally as an individual user (in addition to the features you already get in Free). Think:

  • 10% off PAYG processing ($8.60 USD / Gigapixel)
  • 100 gb free storage included
  • Unlimited processed maps per month, 2,000 images per map
  • Brand your workspace and platform emails to clients with your own logo
  • Create additional, branded workspaces for your clients, so their workspace is personalised to them
  • View your pointclouds in the 3D viewer
  • Additional processed outputs (contours, textured mesh)
  • RTK processing
  • And more…

What do you get in Growth?

Our Growth plan ($120 USD/month) is really just our Team plan with a new name (why did we rename it, you ask? Because we wanted the focus to be on you growing your business, not just on the number of users you have). Along with our Free and Plus features, you also get:

  • 20% off PAYG processing ($7.20 USD / Gigapixel)
  • 500 gb free storage included
  • Unlimited processed maps per month  / 3,000 images per map
  • Unlimited guest seats
  • Additional users $30 USD pp/month
  • Real-time collaboration tools
  • Team role types and permissions
  • Private mission sharing (edit & view access)
  • And more…

What do you get in Ultimate?

Our Ultimate plan (contact us for pricing) is for mid-large businesses, or those with more custom requirements that don’t fit into our other plans. Ultimate plan users get:

  • Priority processing
  • Use our qualified drone pilot network to schedule a capture (Australia only)
  • Custom reports: topography, volumetric, GCP
  • Ground Control Point (GCPs) processing
  • Difference grid
  • Personalized onboarding
  • And more…

You can easily upgrade from your Free account to either a Plus or Growth plan, by going to billing options within your workspace.

Brooke Hahn
Brooke has been involved in SaaS startups for the past 10 years. From marketing to leadership to customer success, she has worked across the breadth of teams and been pivotal in every company's strategy and success.