Birdi’s official SaaS Launch! Meet our Free and Team plans

Written by
Brooke Hahn
February 28, 2023

Hold onto your hats because… after many many months of working incredibly hard, Birdi’s official SaaS launch is finally here! And with it, our 3 plans:

  • Free
  • Team
  • Enterprise

We’ve of course been working successfully with a number of Enterprise plan customers over the past few years with their more bespoke requirements, but we’ve been wanting to also provide an affordable aerial intelligence solution for drone operators, Chief Remote Pilots, GIS Engineers, Operations Managers, Tradies and more. We’ve received feedback from a number of users within the space that drone platforms can get overly expensive the more you scale your drone operations. We wanted to solve that problem!

And so we bring you our Free and Team plans, both with PAYG (pay as you go) processing.

What’s different about our Free and Team plans?

In short, we’ve decoupled subscription costs from processing, so you only pay for what you actually need. Instead of paying a higher monthly subscription fee with an amount of processing included in the cost, PAYG processing means you just pay for processing when you need it. Check out our pricing page for a detailed list of inclusions.

What’s in each plan

Who’s the Free plan ideal for?

The Birdi Free plan is ideal for sole trader drone pilots, tradies or photographer/videographers. You might have started a drone services side hustle or part-time business, or maybe you fly drones occasionally in your work (e.g. you’re a tradie and sometimes you install solar panels and want to fly a drone and capture imagery of the finished work). 

You can easily upload your drone-captured data, visualise it on the Flight Map, and then share the mission with your clients (who can remain as free guests in the platform).

What comes in Free?

The Free plan is, well, free! No subscription cost, so you can enjoy using the platform and our range of features, all for the price of nothing. That’s a pretty sweet deal! 

Some things included in Free are: 

  • 50Gb free storage
  • PAYG processing at a rate of $14.40USD/Gigapixel
  • 5 maps per month / 3000 images per map
  • Upload drone data for visualization
  • Visualize drones' map location and orientation
  • Annotate and draw on maps & images via lines, polygons and markers
  • Import & export individual shapefiles
  • Publicly share maps
  • Email & chat support

Who’s the Team plan ideal for?

The Birdi Team plan is ideal for Chief Remote Pilots in bigger drone services companies, or Operations/Site/Project/Asset Managers or GIS Engineers in bigger organizations that use drones to improve their operational efficiency. You’d likely have a bigger appetite for drone data, more regular flying, and you rely more heavily on the insights that geospatial data provides (either for your clients or your internal stakeholders). Maybe you’re doing asset inspections, construction progress reporting, surveying or volumetric reporting and need a platform to process your drone-captured images into orthophotos and visualise them on a map for context and insights.

What comes in Team

The Team plan is for teams! It includes 3 users in the subscription cost, and if you want to add additional paid users, there’s an additional monthly per seat payment amount. Our Team plan also includes PAYG processing at a cheaper rate than on the Free plan (so that’s a bonus for going with a paid subscription), and you get more storage included as well.

Some things included in Team (plus you get everything from Free) are: 

  • 500 gb free storage included
  • PAYG processing ($12 USD/ Gigapixel)
  • Unlimited maps per month  / 3000 images per map
  • Unlimited guest seats
  • Manage your team with role types and permissions
  • Real-time collaboration tools
  • Privately share missions

Who’s the Enterprise plan ideal for?

Enterprise is for larger organizations with more custom, bespoke GIS requirements. We can consider your overall GIS goals, and provide a solution that matches what you need. What’s more, if you don’t have your own in-house drone pilots, Birdi can of course fly for you!

What comes in Enterprise

With Enterprise, you’re likely looking for ways to improve your company’s operational efficiency, save on time and money, and increase your visibility over sites and assets. 

Some things included in Enterprise (plus you get everything from Team) are: 

  • Bespoke/custom requirements
  • Unlimited maps and images
  • Use our qualified drone pilot network to schedule a capture
  • Industry-specific reports
  • Personalized onboarding
  • Phone support

How do I manage my plan?

All the tools you need to manage your plan are available directly within the platform.

You can:

  • Upgrade and downgrade your Birdi plan - in the Billing and Subscription section on the navigation
  • Update/change your credit card deets (note: we use Stripe for all card payments; Birdi doesn’t keep any of this data)
  • Add new paid users and invite guests to your workspace - in the User Management section under Company Information in the navigation
  • And more!

We have a whole section in our Knowledge Base covering these areas in greater detail, so feel free to check them out, or shoot us a message via our in-platform chat.

Birdi is easy to use

Regardless of the Birdi plan that suits you, feedback we’ve heard overall and have made part of our DNA is making sure Birdi is easy to use. Geospatial technology can get complicated quickly, so our goal is to always make our functionality as easy to use as possible, regardless of how advanced (or rudimentary) your drone and aerial insights understanding is.

We have exceptional customer support!

We know what it’s like to send a message out into the ether to a tech company, and have no idea if or when you’ll get a reply. At Birdi, we want you to have the best customer experience possible, so if you reach out to us (either via in-platform chat or emailing us at, you can rest easy knowing we’ll get back to you asap!

We love to chat and will happily shoot the breeze with you, make recommendations, give advice where possible and ultimately, help you get the most out of the Birdi platform.

Jump on in and give Birdi a try!

We’re so excited to launch our SaaS plan offering, and would love you to sign up for a free Birdi account today and give us a little spin!

Brooke Hahn
Brooke has been involved in SaaS startups for the past 10 years. From marketing to leadership to customer success, she has worked across the breadth of teams and been pivotal in every company's strategy and success.